There are several reasons why you might need storage. Maybe you’re experiencing business growth in Cleveland, but you don’t know where to put new inventory. You could be between homes, waiting on apartment approval or still searching for that perfect house. In any case, you need a safe and secure place to stash your belongings. What should you do? A great option is hiring a local moving and storage company that offers storage solutions. Cheap Movers Cleveland can simplify the process and save you money by connecting you with vetted and licensed moving pros that can cover all your storage needs!

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Moving & Storage Companies In Cleveland

Many movers also offer storage services. Full-service companies typically have their own warehouses, while some also have on-site self-storage units that give customers more access to their belongings. When weighing your options, make sure to take the following into consideration:

  • Cleanliness: Tour potential storage facilities before making your decision. Premises that are not well maintained may result in pest infestations and damaged goods.
  • Security: Inquire about the level of safety offered. Ask management about entrances/exits, cameras, lighting, alarm systems and security personnel.
  • Accessibility: In need of around-the-clock access to your stuff? If so, you will probably want to choose a self-storage unit instead of warehouse storage.
  • Affordability: If you’re looking for an even better option to streamline your move and save money, look it hiring an all-in-one moving & storage company.
  • Selection: Ask about the various unit sizes if you choose to go with self-storage. When going with a moving company’s storage facility, your belongings are stored in a spacious warehouse.
  • Controlled Climate: Ohio winters are frigid. To protect furniture, artwork, heirlooms, and other vulnerable items, you want to store them somewhere that doesn’t experience drastic swings in humidity and temperature.

Cheap Movers Cleveland helps you find the ideal storage solution, whatever your specific needs:

  • Residential: Whether you’re relocating to a cozy little apartment or big family house, you can cut costs by hiring residential moving services through our dependable Cleveland professionals.
  • Business: Need a secure place to store office furniture, inventory and other commercial goods? Our moving partners can provide quality storage options for your enterprise.
  • Furniture: Protect your antiques, leather couches, and other prized furnishings at a storage facility that’s outfitted with an air conditioning system that safeguards against mold and warping.
  • Wine: From novice to seasoned sommelier, you want to ensure that your prized wine collection will be safely stored. We can pair you with a storage facility that offers just the right temperature and humidity levels to keep your bottles in impeccable condition.
  • Art: Pest problems and moisture can wreak havoc on prints, oil paintings, and other prized artwork. Safely stash it in a storage space that is clean and well regulated.
  • Documents: Whether downsizing or looking to keep your new home clutter-free, Cheap Movers Cleveland can help you find secure storage for tax returns, work files, and documents you’re not ready to shred.
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Tips For Efficiently Packing A Self-Storage Unit

A storage unit could play a critical role in your relocation. You might be between places, downsizing or in need of a secure place to store valuables. Whatever your storage needs, it’s worth the effort to be methodical when filling up your storage space. The following tips will help you organize and protect your household or commercial goods while they’re tucked away.

Prep Boxes And Create Inventory List

To start off on the right foot, begin with a solid packing strategy. Try to use sturdy boxes of similar size for stacking stability. While boxing, use packing materials or old clothing to fill spaces. This will help to support the weight of other boxes. As you’re going through this process, record the contents of each box in what’s called an inventory list. With these details, you’ll be able to easily pinpoint where everything is in storage.

Grab Pallets And Plastic Wrap

Pallets provide an affordable way to safeguard your possessions from spills and flooding. First, begin by measuring your storage floor. Figure out square footage to determine how many wooden pallets you’ll need. Purchase them or ask local businesses if they have any you can take off their hands. Once you have enough, cover the floor. Afterward, start to pack your space. Use plastic wrap to shield furniture and other goods from pests and dust.

Store With Creativity

Storage space is often limited, so it pays to use it efficiently. This is where you can get creative. Buy a portable clothing rack or use shower or curtain rods you already own to hang clothing. You can also stand a wooden pallet on its edge and create a makeshift shelf. Pallets also make great racks to hang shovels, brooms and other household tools. There are endless ways you can make better use of your entire storage space. Get creative!

Purchase Renter’s Insurance

You never know what could happen while your belongings are in storage. Even if you don’t plan on having your stuff stored for long, it can still be susceptible to theft, fire, flooding and other uncontrollable events. Renter’s insurance can cover expenses in the event of loss or damage. Contact your insurer to see if you have proper coverage or give your existing policy a boost.

By following these steps, you can minimize the chances of damage to your things, while maximizing your space. You’ll also be able to enjoy savings by not having to rent a bigger unit. If you simply lack the ability or desire to pack your storage space, no problem! Cheap Movers Cleveland can help you find a professional packing service that fits your budget.

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