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It is frustrating hunting down Cleveland movers that check all the boxes: skills, experience, trustworthiness, etc. Who should you hire?

Cheap Movers Cleveland simplifies the process by offering a painless solution to finding quality moving services. We help you source the right fit via our network of reliable moving companies. Every professional we recommend offers top services at cheap prices. From condo moves to business relocations, we connect you with stellar movers that will take it easy on your bank account.


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Each move – from residential to commercial – is unique. That’s why it pays to go with services tailored to your moving requirements.

Need a collection of breakable family heirlooms padded and crated? Trying to find a nationwide moving company that specializes in corporate employee moves? You might think it doesn’t work with your budget, but you’d be surprised at how inexpensive it can be.


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Everyone knows that in order to do something right, it takes proper planning, tools and knowledge. Moving is no exception.

Why take the risk of hiring movers that you can’t 100% trust? Our local Cleveland moving partners come prepared for every move with quality equipment, trucks, and the expertise to ensure your move is a snap. No more micromanaging or worrying about careless handling of your valued possessions.


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When looking for moving specialists, it’s essential to find ones that are licensed and insured.

There are companies out there that will promise you a drama-free move, but if they aren’t up to date on certification and insurance, you may be in for a rude awakening. Fortunately, we eliminate any uncertainty when choosing dependable relocation services by thoroughly vetting every mover we recommend.


Moving Has Never Been Easier

Moving is hard work. You have enough on your plate, and any more stress may be too much to handle.

Rather than having to deal with everything by yourself, leave it to the pros. Cheap Movers Cleveland makes easy work of locating moving services in the Cleveland metro area. We can help alleviate your anxiety by providing you with a smooth moving day. Sit back and enjoy the transition into your new home!

Moving Checklist to Help You Prepare for Your Relocation

Relocation is one of those things that can be stressful and exciting at the same time. As much as you’re looking forward to starting your new life in a new home, there’s a lot of work to do. Here’s a great checklist to get you prepared for the day that the movers arrive.


Go through everything in your home.

There’s no reason to pack and move something that you really don’t use. Look through every room, closet, and drawer. Decide what to get rid of and either donate or sell.


Find a mover.

Ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers for referrals. Check online review sites and the BBB. Find licensed and insured movers right here on Cheap Movers Cleveland. Once you find someone that you trust, get everything in writing, and finalize the details. Keep in touch with your mover as you get closer to the moving day.


Decide how to move vehicles.

If you’re driving them, then this is a no-brainer. But, if not, make sure everything is set in stone for the transportation of your automobiles.


Take care of the pets.

If you have pets, you’ll need to arrange the safest way to transport them to your new home. While most people take them along via crate in their own vehicle, you can also use a pet transport service if the trip is a long one.


Document your assets.

Check with your mover, and your personal insurance policy, to make sure everything is covered in case of an accident. You’ll want to make sure that valuable items are documented.


Stock up on supplies.

Your mover may be able to supply with you moving boxes, so be sure to ask. You’ll also need plenty of tape, labels, packing paper, and markers.


Purge your kitchen.

Start using up the food that you have on hand. There’s no reason to pay someone to move food. And, it might not be possible to cost-effectively transport some foods. Donate what you can’t use to your local food bank.


Start packing.

This might be the worst part. Here are some ways to keep things safe and organized.


  • Start packing the items that you don’t use as often. Keep the things that you need unpacked until the last minute.
  • Don’t overload the boxes. Not only is it hard on your back, but the bottom could fall out if the contents are too heavy.
  • Label everything to make it easier to place in the right room in your new home.
  • You could use color-coded markers on labels for different rooms.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of boxes. You don’t want to be looking for boxes on moving day.
  • Keep your small valuables like jewelry and heirlooms in a designated spot and decide how you want to move them.

Make address changes.

You not only need to notify the post office of your new address, but you also want to let your bank, credit card companies, and utilities know your forwarding address. You could also let your doctors’ offices and your children’s schools know where to send records.


Plan the final details.

You’ve done everything that you can to get ready. Get the last few boxes packed and live out of a suitcase on the last day. And, don’t forget to have boxes ready for those last few items.


Take care of your movers.

Have a spot ready for them to park the truck. Make sure that you have drinks and snacks for them. And, tip them accordingly for a job-well-done. They are, after all, handling everything that you’ve worked so hard for.

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Top Seven Things to Know Before Moving to Cleveland, OH

Whether you are thinking about moving to Cleveland or you already have firm relocation plans, you understandably want to know more about what life in Cleveland may be like. For those who live outside of Cleveland, the city has a rather dull reputation for being a behind-the-times Midwest town. However, this is not actually the case. Cleveland is a vibrant city that provides its residents with an overall excellent quality of life. These are seven essential things that you should know about Cleveland before you arrive.


1. Cleveland Has an Affordable Cost of Living

One of the most significant factors that is used to gauge the cost of living in a specific area is home prices. While the national average for a single-family home is approximately $222,400, the average cost for a similar home in Cleveland is approximately $130,000. Furthermore, the median family income was slightly more than $30,000. Your paycheck will go a long way in the Rock in Roll Capital.


2. The City Has a Solid Music Scene

When you think about Cleveland, a lively music scene may not come to mind. However, Cleveland is known as the heart of rock music. The legendary Thaddeus Greene got his start in Cleveland many years ago and heavily influenced rock music. Cleveland is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In addition, a revitalized area of downtown is home to several bars that feature live music regularly.


3. Weather Conditions Are Influenced by Lake Erie

Cleveland sits right on Lake Erie’s banks. As one of the larger lakes in the region, it heavily impacts Cleveland’s climate. For example, in the winter when the Midwest is normally blanketed with snow, Cleveland often has more snowfall and lower temperatures. The lake keeps the average summer temperature balmy at around 73 degrees.


4. Several Professional Sports Teams Call Cleveland Home

Cleveland is home to three professional sports teams. These are the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Indians, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Surprisingly, none of Cleveland’s professional sports teams has had a national championship title in more than 60 years. The city nonetheless has a devoted fan base.


5. Getting Around the City Is Easy to Do

You may think that a big city like Cleveland would have nightmarish traffic conditions, making it hard to get around. This is not the case. Cleveland’s mass transit system was ranked as the top mass transit system in the country a few years ago. The city also has an excellent walkability score.


6. Several Popular Outdoor Attractions Offer Recreational Opportunities

Cleveland is known for its urban lifestyle and broad cityscape, but it also has several attractions that provide recreational activities throughout most of the year. Some of the top venues that you may wish to visit with family or friends include the Emerald Necklace park system, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Edgewater Beach, the Holden Arboretum, and the Cleveland Botanical Garden.


7. Foodies Love Spending Time in Cleveland

Cleveland may not be well-known for its food, but locals know there’s plenty to satisfy the taste buds. East 4th Street is a revitalized area that is home to numerous top restaurants. The city is also home to Lilly Handmade Chocolates, delicious handmade Italian pasta, Cleveland Whiskey, the famous Lola Bistro, the Polish Boy sausage sandwich, and many other notable foods and eateries.


You can see that Cleveland is a beautiful town that offers much for its residents to love. Once you get settled in, make plans to enjoy the various features and opportunities that add to your quality of life in Cleveland. In the meantime, let us help you move! Cheap Movers Cleveland is ready to help you find quality, trusted movers in Cleveland.