If you’re feeling stressed about packing, you’re not alone. Whether working full-time or raising a family, it’s difficult to find the energy or time in your busy schedule to box everything. Plus, it takes a bit of effort to properly pack bulky or fragile items like furniture, collectibles, and family heirlooms. Instead of exhausting yourself, leave it to a professional packing crew. Cheap Movers Cleveland helps you source a reliable mover that provides inexpensive packing services, as well as unpacking and furniture reassembly options. Purchase the service separately or incorporate it as part of a full-service move – it’s super easy. Request a free moving and packing quote now!

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Professional Packers In Cleveland, OH

Proper packing is key to saving space and protecting your valued possessions. Deficient knowledge or expertise can result in damaged valuables during a bumpy transport. By hiring professional packers to skillfully pack your stuff, you can avoid a lot of pain and frustration during the moving process. The Cleveland moving partners we work with provide the following services:

  • Full-service packing: Life tends to get in the way while moving. When it comes time to box your stuff, you may not have enough energy, spare hours or the desire to pack. Full-service moving specialists can efficiently handle every step of your move – from loading the first box to unpacking the last item in your kitchen – allowing you to enjoy a less stressful moving experience.
  • Partial packing: Generally, the process of packing is a simple yet time-consuming activity. Most people can handle a good portion of it on their own. However, when especially delicate, heavy, or oddly-shaped items exist, it pays to hire the pros. Adding a partial pack to your move is a great way to save money while ensuring that your favorite artwork, furniture or other household items are safeguarded.
  • Handling fine art, collectibles, and antiques: From breakable antiques to family heirlooms, it takes special techniques to properly pack and crate your most prized possessions. When it comes time to move, don’t leave anything to chance. Hire specialty packers that offer expert wrapping and crating services.
  • Taking apart and reassembling furniture: Let’s face it, moving furniture can literally and figuratively be a pain. It’s heavy, bulky, and typically requires disassembly/reassembly when moving. Our network of Cleveland packers can quickly and safely handle beds, cabinets, shelves, and other cumbersome furnishings.
  • Boxing items for storage: It may be tempting to quickly shove stuff into storage and close the door, especially after a draining move. The chaotic aftermath, though, is less than desirable. Save yourself the time, money and energy by enlisting storage specialists that can effectively organize your space.
  • Unpacking: OK, so you’ve mustered enough time and energy to pack everything. Now you’ve arrived at your new, empty home. You’re exhausted and would rather rest, but you’re staring at a mountain of boxes. A mover that’s full-service can relieve your stress by providing a professional unpacking service.
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Professional Movers’ Best Advice For Packing With Ease

Packing is a dreaded chore, but given the right approach, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Peruse the following tips for a drama-free packing experience:

Purge Your Home

First, give yourself enough time to plan and execute proper packing. Walk through your existing space and take a mental inventory of what’s in each room. Once you have the thousand-foot view of what the process will involve, you can start to purge. The idea is to start with one room and sort through everything, making piles or labeling what needs to be kept or discarded. Sell, donate or recycle any worn out or unused items – clothes, toys, books, etc. Begin this purging process as soon as you decide to move. It takes more time to discard items than you might think.

Begin Packing Early

Start by purchasing quality packing materials, including sturdy boxes, packing peanuts and tape. Once you’ve gotten your hands on these supplies, you can start packing. Begin by boxing items that you don’t use frequently (like Christmas décor, winter clothing, gift wrapping materials, books, etc.). To stay on track, pack a box or two a day. Try not to mix items that belong in different rooms. Use ample packing materials, like extra packing paper or bubble wrap, to cushion your household goods, particularly more fragile items. Make sure to properly tape bottom of boxes and clearly label.

Pack Methodically

Begin by placing heavier items at the bottom of boxes. Fill extra room in each box with packing peanuts or old clothes. You can save on boxes by packing a TV, for example, in its original packaging. For nice clothing, invest in special wardrobe boxes that allow you to keep clothes hanging. Pad fragile items and place hefty stuff in smaller boxes. When it comes to porcelain and dishware, avoid wrapping in newspaper (ink from newsprint stains things) and stack upright. Finally, make sure to label boxes so that movers will know where to load/unload them.

Wrap Or Crate Specialty Items

Most household goods are easy to pack, but other items might necessitate special handling. You’ll most likely need to crate larger electronics like big-screen TVs. Important documents and delicate antiques should be transported in a passenger vehicle, if possible. Valuable or fragile artwork, memorabilia, and collectibles will need to be carefully wrapped and transported. You may want to ask for help from the movers packing especially delicate pieces.

Last Minute Tips

So, it’s finally the week of your move. At this point, you should be close to finished with packing. Take this time to make a “first night essentials” box filled with everything you’ll need for the first night at your new home. Include items like bedding, medications, toiletries, snacks, and toys. Make sure it’s easily accessible. When the moving truck shows up, communicate any last-minute instructions to your moving crew.

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