Relocating a business is a massive undertaking. Whether you’re moving into a shiny new office space in downtown Cleveland or a more polished retail space, every step of your move requires focus and precision. The process can include relocating employees, transporting office furniture, and dealing with other time-consuming logistics while simultaneously tackling your day-to-day business operations. It’s too heavy a burden to manage on your own. If improperly handled, you could face costly delays and loss of productivity. Fortunately, our network of qualified office movers makes easy work of any business move. Cheap Movers Cleveland can pair you with office moving companies who custom-tailor services to your specific relocation needs and budget.

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Cleveland Office Moves – Big Or Small

Our moving partners excel at the business of moving businesses. Providing a wide assortment of commercial moving services, there’s no office move our network can’t handle. Whether you’re moving a small startup or a fleet of corporate employees, we have your business move handled with the following Cleveland office relocation services:

  • Local office moves: Enjoying a business boom in Northeast Ohio? Lease expiring soon? We can pair you with a moving company that caters to corporate relocation needs. Whether moving to Akron or Downtown Cleveland, our network of fully vetted and certified movers is ready for the challenge. Plus, they know all the tips and tricks of making your relocation as smooth as possible, resulting in less downtime and fewer glitches.
  • Interstate moves: Regardless of whether you’re relocating your business to or out of the Buckeye State, we can connect you with federally licensed and insured interstate haulers that offer affordable rates and topnotch services. We only work with experienced moving specialists that can provide a seamless relocation for any company, big or small.
  • Storage: During the process of moving into a new space, your company may need temporary storage services for office furniture, inventory and more. The good news is that many Cleveland moving companies also provide storage services. Streamline your move by going with an all-in-one moving & storage company. You can rest assured knowing that your business items are safely and securely stored.
  • Specialty moves: Does your business rely on bulky, sensitive and/or expensive equipment? If so, don’t leave it to chance when relocating. Ensure that specialty gear makes it to your new location in pristine condition by hiring specialty movers. From IT to healthcare professionals, we can help you source moving professionals that can skillfully move your networking hardware, medical equipment, and anything else you need to move.
  • Employee relocations: Relocating employees can be extremely challenging. Whether moving across the state or country, corporate moves involve complex logistics. If not properly executed, employee relocations can spell disruption and setbacks for key talent. Cheap Movers Cleveland makes it effortless by connecting you with top corporate moving services, ensuring that your current employees and new recruits experience a smooth transition and are ready to put their best foot forward!
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Eight Tips To Keep Your Office Move On Pace

From retail spaces to corporate headquarters, every business relocation presents unique challenges. Follow these eight tips to ensure that your next company move is successful:

1. Plan Early

Preparation is key to success, office moving included. Start well ahead of time (3-6 months if possible) by drafting timelines and checklists to get the ball rolling. Lay out the big picture and then fill it in with details needed for a seamless move.

2. Hire A Moving Company Soon

If you want to book your desired moving date with qualified business movers, it’s best not to procrastinate. Contact moving services at least two months in advance. Ask them for references from previous clients and inquire about licensing and insurance.

3. Document And Label Everything

Make sure that equipment, inventory and files are properly catalogued by creating inventory lists. Color code, photograph and mark everything so that you can experience an efficient transition and employees are able to locate things easily at your new location.

4. Purge What You Don’t Need

Whether you’ve been at your current office for months or years, your company has likely amassed a bunch of items that it no longer needs. This is where a good purge can free up space and reduce clutter. Donate, sell or otherwise dispose of old furniture, computers, and other goods before you begin the packing process.

5. Purchase Up-To-Date Office Equipment

During your purge, you’ll probably realize that you need additional business equipment and furniture. Order new items at least one month before moving. To make for an even smoother experience, have the company ship it to your new address.

6. Give Interested Parties A Buffer

Relocating a business is stressful enough. Give yourself, employees and customers a break. Refrain from scheduling big deadlines or meetings the week before moving. Everyone will be in a much better mood and less stressed out.

7. Hire Cleaners And Buy Moving Insurance

OK, so now that everything’s packed, how does your empty space look? To return it to its original condition, hire a crew to perform some cleaning magic. Considering how valuable business furniture and equipment can be, make sure to consult your moving company about insurance options.

8. Get Employees Back In A Groove

This is an exciting new chapter, but your staff may have a hard time getting back up to speed. To help, have your team meet up after the move to take a tour and set up desks and workspaces. Throw a party, happy hour or luncheon to celebrate!

By planning, your company will be able to experience a less taxing move with little to no hiccups. Need quality business moving services? Call on Cheap Movers Cleveland today.

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