Getting ready for a relocation that takes you far from your current home? Moving to or from the Cleveland area is quite challenging. Unlike with a local move, a long distance or interstate relocation imposes a different set of challenges. These hurdles may involve seeking out employment opportunities, learning about the area, and locating a new home and community. Balancing these demands along with the normal tasks of everyday life is hard for anyone. This type of move marks a fresh start, so making the decision to hire a long-distance mover is a no-brainer.

So, the question is, who can you trust with this big move? When moving to from greater Cleveland, Cheap Movers Cleveland has your back. We make it easy to source dependable movers that are fully vetted, insured, and licensed. Our process removes any confusion or hesitation about hiring a mover. Plus, our network of moving specialists offers an assortment of services to fit your budget and needs. Request your free interstate moving quotes today!

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Long-Distance Moving Services From Trusted Moving Companies

By using the Cheap Movers Cleveland platform, it’s simple to find quality long distance moving services:

  • Household moves: We find you experienced long distance moving services that are federally licensed through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, with the appropriate insurance coverage, to operate from state-to-state. Whether you’re moving out of a small studio or multi-level house, these moving companies are adept at safely and securely moving your entire household out of state. Experience the difference through our streamlined solution!
  • Office relocations: If your business move takes too long, it can cost you big time. Add the complication of a long-haul commercial relocation, and the stakes are high. Our skilled commercial moving partners will alleviate the stress of handling complex logistics like relocating key employees and the transport of specialty equipment. Enjoy a smooth transition with little to no downtime.
  • Furniture: Furnishings like cabinets, armoires, and bookshelves are a pain to move, regardless of the distance being traveled. When dealing with an interstate relocation, however, it’s even more of a hassle. Entrust your furniture to movers that can dismantle, load, transport and reassemble it all with ease while you focus on this new chapter in your life.
  • Piano: When transporting a piano to a new city or state, it pays to hire a seasoned professional who knows all the ins and outs of safely handling large instruments. Let us help you source a mover who specializes in relocating pianos just like yours. This will ensure that your cherished instrument arrives unharmed at your new home.
  • Storage: Moving far away presents many challenges. Maybe you’re relocating for a new job and haven’t found a new place yet. In this scenario, you’ll need access to a weekly or monthly storage service. By hiring one of our all-in-one moving & storage companies, you can kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy cheaper rates and a simplified move compared to renting a self-storage unit.
  • Comprehensive moving: Nothing beats the convenience of this option! From start to finish, your full-service mover will handle all your relocation needs. This includes logistics, packing, loading, transport, unloading and unpacking. They will also help you set up your furniture according to your new floorplan. Experience a stress-free and seamless move to or out of Cleveland, OH.
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Pro Tips For A Successful Out-Of-State Move

Interstate moving doesn’t have to be so daunting. Follow these five steps for a bump-free relocation:

Plan In Advance

Remember, procrastination is your enemy when it comes to a successful move. Ideally, allow for at least 1-3 months to plan everything out. Begin by touring your home. Get a sense of what your move will entail and create checklists for purging, packing, and any other important logistics. For the lowest rates and best availability, we recommend contacting prospective moving companies ASAP. They can book up fast, especially during the height of moving season (the months from May-September).

Comparison Shop For Movers

Choosing the right moving services can be tough. That’s why it’s so important to shop around. Start by requesting quotes from a minimum of three companies. Comparing prices helps you get a sense of average rates in your area and allows you to identify any questionably low estimates from shady outfits. With Cheap Movers Cleveland, you never have to worry about unreliable movers. We provide you with affordable rates from various moving specialists in the Cleveland/Akron metro area, all of which are highly qualified.

Get Moving Estimate In Your Home

You may not know this, but if your current residence is 50 miles or less from a moving company’s office, you are entitled to receive a free moving estimate from an in-home estimator. If that’s the case, don’t pass up this great opportunity! Rather than having to communicate all your moving details via a phone call, you can have an on-site estimator perform a walkthrough. This will give you a far more accurate estimate and prevent you from having to pay unexpected up-charges later.

Purge, Plan, And Pack Asap

Unlike with local moves, interstate relocation rates are based on shipping weight, so it pays to purge. Room by room, sort through your stuff. Create piles or label what you want to keep or discard. You can either donate, sell or dispose of any unwanted or disused items. When it comes time to pack, keep records of contents and clearly label boxes. You can also use a color-code system to match boxes and rooms. This will speed up the unloading process and make unpacking a lot easier.

Get Acquainted With Your New Area

OK, so you survived the move. Congratulations! Once you’ve unpacked and settled in, you may feel a little out of sorts. That’s perfectly normal. After all, you’re in a new area. It may take some time to get adjusted, but you can take steps to facilitate the process. Start by getting out there and exploring your new town or city. Check out where restaurants, grocery stores, schools, etc. are located. Join local clubs and groups. Start mingling. See what your new home has to offer!

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