The Stresses of Moving  

Sometimes when it comes time to move, you’ll likely find that you have a lot more items than you previously thought. This is especially true for the kitchen. Where did all those pots come from? Who gave you a third set of silverware? It feels wrong just to throw them out, and so you decide that the best place to put them–either permanently or temporarily–in storage. However, doing so may be more problematic than you originally thought.  

After all, if you ever want to find those items again, careful packing and storage practices are required. To help yourself out, follow some of these Cleveland mover tips to best pack and store your kitchen items.  

1. Utilize Appliance Boxes

Instead of buying new appliances, if your oven and refrigerator are still new and in excellent working condition, then you should bring them along to your new place. Since they’re quite large, they may have to sit in storage for a bit while you get everything else you need in new your house all set up first. A great help to keep the packing and storage organized is by reusing the original appliance box that the appliance came in.  

Not only does this save you on having to find a box big enough to fit that appliance, but it also makes for searching the particular item a lot easier. Cardboard boxes, while useful, don’t offer an immediate understanding of what contents rest inside. Since the appliance box will have the brand name and likely a picture on it as well, you know immediately what’s inside and can find it with ease in your storage unit.  

2. Dinnerware Do’s

A lot of dinnerware is fragile. To make sure that you don’t accidentally break yours in transit, first stock up on a lot of bubble wrap. You should double coat the bottom of the box with bubble wrap, and then wrap each individual piece with bubble wrap before placing it inside of the box. For ultimate protection, be sure that you include another layer of bubble wrap between each third level of dishes and other dinnerware.  

If you have extremely fragile items like china or glassware, then you might just want to wrap them in t-shirts. The fabric can act as a powerful protector against the movement of the box and other items that might want to crush it. As always, be sure that you place the fragile items in secure areas of the car or truck. They should never be placed on the bottom of the pile. Place boxes surrounding your dishware boxes to keep them from shifting around during transportation. When storing these boxes, again, you should make sure that they’re not on the bottom of the pile.  

3. Silverware

Perhaps the most tedious thing to pack, silverware should be bundled together by type. You can secure them with a rubber band and simply put them in a shoebox.

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