Congratulations on your new home! The excitement of your offer getting accepted, signing a mile-high stack of papers at closing, and holding that cold brass key in your hand chokes you up. You can’t wait to move in, to see your name on the mailbox, to open your very own front door for the first time.  

Uh-oh. Cold tingles run down your spine as you remember that your old house needs to be packed. Moving is no picnic. We get it. However, we haven’t been in this business all these years for nothing. We know a few tips and hacks to get you through the chaos of moving painlessly. Here is key moving advice from the best movers in Cleveland 

Plan, and Plan Some More 

  • Buy a notebook and a pen. Begin in the living room and inventory every piece of furniture and knick-knacks. Move to the dining room and do the same. Do this for the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry room, attic, and basement, if any.  
  • Make a file, either digital or paper, of important papers such as home insurance policies, appliance, HVAC, roofing, plumbing, and electrical repair invoices and inspection reports. Buyers will want to see that your house won’t be a money pit when they buy it.  
  • Shop for moving companies, rental rates on U-Haul or Penske trucks, and the cost of DIY moving. Make sure the moving companies you get estimates from are bonded and insured. Keep estimates and other paperwork in the file.  

Prep the New House 

  • Always change the locks. This is a no-brainer from a security standpoint.  
  • Have an energy audit and an electrical audit performed. Any problems will have been caught in the inspection, but it pays to have the house thoroughly looked over in case something was missed.  
  • Familiarize yourself with the breaker box. Station someone at it while you turn on everything in the house. If a breaker blows, then you’ll know repairs need to be done. Better to know now before a fire breaks out.  
  • Check the filters. There should be one in the air exchange and one in the intake. They are different sizes, so write that down, too, before you buy replacements.  

Pack the Old House 

  • Dozens of websites will tell you how to pack, when, and where to put everything on moving day. What they don’t tell you is how to ease the kids’ and any pet’s fear of moving. Involve the kids in the packing by asking them what stuffed toys, sports balls, and games or books they’d like to keep and which to donate.  
  • If the kids are small enough to fall in the boxes as they pack them, stand beside them to help if they need it. They’ll feel pride in helping Mom and Dad with the packing. Let them choose their own bedroom in the new house. Let them place their things where they want them. This, too, will make them proud, and they’ll be happier about the move.  
  • Allow any pets to roam the new house. They need to know there’s a place for them, that you won’t leave them behind. Allow them to watch as you pack. Be sure to carry their pet beds, food containers, and any toys in the car with you. They’ll feel more comfortable knowing their things are nearby. 

These key moving tips have proven helpful to many moving customers. To make your move even easier, use Cheap Movers Cleveland to find licensed, insured moving companies to assist with your move. Getting a quote is fast and free! Just fill out the form today.

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